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Question Can I lodge complaint of an offence with C.I.D.?
Answer Complaint from a citizen is not directly accepted by C.I.D.. Investigation of offences already registered at Police Station are handed over to C.I.D. by the Govt. of Maharashtra or D.G.P. of Maharashtra State. At times the court direct the Govt. to handover investigation to C.I.D..
Question A finance company has cheated me and many other people. Can I approach C.I.D. for investigation of such cases and recovery of the money?
Answer No, FIR of any offence is to be lodged with the concerned Police Station. The Court, State Government or D.G.P., M.S. Mumbai may direct C.I.D. to take up investigation, as mentioned earlier.
Question If there is house breaking or theft in my house, can I get services of Dog Unit of C.I.D.?
Answer No, every district has a Dog Unit at the Head Quarters which can be put into service, if the investigation officer demands such services. The Dog Unit at C.I.D. is basically for training purpose.
Question I am a graduate, I want to be a C.I.D. officer. Can I be recruited directly into C.I.D.?
Answer No, at present C.I.D. takes officers from Maharashtra Police. There is no separate cadre of C.I.D. officers. Proposal for separate cadre for C.I.D. officers is under consideration.
Question What is the difference between investigation done by local police and C.I.D.?
Answer The investigation process adopted by C.I.D. as well as that by local police is the same. When investigation is of complicated nature or having interstate/inter district complication C.I.D. investigation is directed by the competent authority.
Question What is the difference between Maharashtra Police and C.I.D.?
Answer C.I.D. is the investigation wing of Maharashtra Police.
Question How can I recognize a C.I.D. Officer?
Answer C.I.D. officer is recognized by the personal identity card, issued by the Addl. D.G.P., C.I.D., M.S., Pune.
Question Can I get character verification certificate of my workers from C.I.D.?
Answer No.
Question Can I get signature verification / hand writing verification done by the C.I.D. experts?
Answer No, Such request from public cannot be entertained by C.I.D.. Such verification, if ordered by competent Court, can be done by C.I.D..
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